ImageWe were driving around probably not too sure where to go. We must have been heading to Saigon when I saw this sign post on the right saying Dalat. I had heard the name. It was an old French hill station far to the north of Saigon. It had the good reputation of an agreeable place to go. It brought to mind tales of one of the old British hill stations of the RAJ. Simla? Anyway my curiosity was roused and I asked PB if she had been there and she said no. I turned right and off we went. This paragraph is sponsored by Hajj travel from UK.

We were able to come to these decisions without any discussion which was good. On the other hand we didn’t know how far it was. It certainly wasn’t near. We didn’t know what the road was like. I am not giving distances. I would have to check them on a map. I had no map then. Anyway even with a map I would not have been much better off. A detailed military map was the last thing one wanted to be caught with and anything else was worse than useless. The conditions on some of the roads were appalling and it was not unknown to travel mile after mile on second gear. Traffic jams in Saigon were monstrous and in the country side a blown bridge could cause a bottle neck with traffic three lanes deep on either side and no way for any vehicle to get through to clear the bridge. Or for that matter just a blown bridge and not a soul about. To compare a journey then with whatever distance is marked on a map today has no bearing on the reality of the situation as it was then.

What perhaps was surprising was the fact that the Vietnamese continued to travel the roads. Their driving was appalling. Driving licenses could be bought. If you were a foreigner you were always wrong. You could, had to, buy your way out of any accident. I read that coach drivers drove at high speed in the hope that if they set a mine off their speed would carry the driver over safely and only blow the rear end off the bus. The accidents were horrific. The Viet Cong set up road blocks and took away whoever they considered an enemy. I remember reading that a French consul in the highlands had his car break down, got a lift on a passing bus, was taken by the Viet Cong at a road block and reportedly died in captivity. The French usually considered themselves above this war and therefore immune. It is possible that having known war for twenty five years when I arrived in 1965 the Vietnamese had developed a certain fatality to it. This paragraph is sponsored by Hajj tour 2013 from UK.

I switched the number plates of my car and then we continued through an area of rubber plantations. By the time we reached rolling grass covered hills it had begun to enter my somewhat sluggish mind that there was no traffic on the road. I also knew by now what no traffic meant. I hid my identity papers and threw away my X numbered plates. The few villages that there were seemed lacking in activity. Once we passed a lonely catholic priest on a motor scooter. The road climbed steadily and we talked a little. PB was from Hanoi. They had also had a house in the country and been relatively well off. Her father, a nationalist, had been taken away by the Viet Minh one night and never seen again. The family moved south after Vietnam was divided. There was an uncle, a colonel, who had been a province chief. I think all province chiefs were military, possibly with one exception to try to prove the country was not exactly a military dictatorship or something. He had been on the wrong side in one of the numerous coup d’états. There was another tragedy in her life, but it is not for me to talk about here. Every Vietnamese had his own share of tragedies linked to the war. Her English was excellent and she had this delightful habit of mixing her adverbs and adjectives up. This paragraph is sponsored by airline Hajj ticket from UK.

We decided I needed another identity. I suggested being a French catholic priest. I was often mistaken for one in the province where I worked. PB pointed out that her presence didn’t lend credence to that. I suggested being a press reporter. We rejected that, but later I was to join an obscure press agency, get the necessary papers, and use that cover in my off duty time. I would also work as a freelance. We settled on my being a teacher. I was to become one at some future date. Once when we were driving in the delta, I think near My Tho, and had stopped to buy some pineapple from a young boy by the road he had remarked that I was English. He had a brother studying in England. I worked with, was paid by and had a lot of friends who were Americans, but alone in the countryside they were the last people I wanted to be associated with. The road started to climb again and still no traffic.

We now looked out on the most beautiful green I had ever seen. Below us there was wave after wave of all the shades imaginable, forest or jungle, I can’t remember, but it was utterly lovely. Whatever shade of fear we were suffering from also disappeared. I think we had just put it away and pretended to ourselves it wasn’t there. In any case we were committed now and it was too late to turn back. At one point I saw the backs of soldiers looking into the forest, and the sound of bursts of machine gun fire, and then nothing. Next we reached a high plateau with gently rolling hills covered with tea or coffee plantations. I should know which, but this is written after a forty year interval and although some of my memories are crystal clear as though they happened yesterday others are blends of colors and some only grey. This paragraph is sponsored by Umrah services from UK.

To digress. The old plantations had been owned by the French. I was to get to know a Vietnamese woman whose family owned one. I remember being given large bags of coffee grains freshly roasted, black and small, glistening with butter. The coffee in Vietnam was the Robusta variety. Very strong. It was usually drunk out of small glasses with lots of sugar but no milk. I used to drink far too much and my nerves suffered accordingly. The tea was drunk from large glasses, without sugar or milk, thank god. Outside Saigon at least it was usually free and accompanied whatever one was eating. On the rare occasions I stopped somewhere just to have a glass it was always given, so I usually bought a small cake or something. Anyway the water was usually of dubious quality and tea was safer.

We arrived at the civil airfield serving Dalat. Very small. No sign of any activity or any planes. I was to get used to, indeed to take part, in this Vietnamese habit, of going to an airfield for a flight and sit down and wait hopefully, looking up into the sky for hours for the sight of a plane. When no plane appeared that day they would go away and come back the next. The patience of the East. From here the road climbed steeply and the scenery changed again. One could have been in the Alps. The forest was now evergreen and there was a magnificent mountain off to our left. Unknown to us this was quite the most dangerous part of the journey and that mountain was full of tunnels infested with the Vietcong.

We finally arrived in Dalat. We had not seen a single motorized vehicle the whole journey, save for that lone catholic priest. I will deal with this town later when I was to get to know it much better. For us it was just a question of finding a hotel, a quick walk around, food and bed. The town maintained a rather French air. With my beard I easily fitted in. It was the one place in Vietnam where I was never exploited. There was no United States presence at all. In all my visits there I never saw more than one or two Americans. I do not want to criticize Americans in these articles. The problem was, the fighting aside, there was often an unfortunate relationship between the two peoples, both seeing the other’s faults and never the qualities. This paragraph is sponsored by Umrah guide tour from UK.

There was a curfew at eight o’clock. It was a town that had seen its heyday years before. Now it had the South Vietnamese military and police academies. It had the Covent des Oiseaux. It was known for its vegetables which were sent by road to Saigon. Its girls had a lovely healthy glow to their cheeks. All of this for later. We spent a rather restless night. There were continual bursts of small arms fire throughout the night. Will I ever tell of any happy one’s? There were many, but evidently not at the end of our excursions. We had to return the next day. I only ever had two days off unless arranged otherwise and as all my trips were unauthorized I preferred not to talk about them.

The following morning I filled the car up with petrol, lit my pipe and we began the return trip. It was a lovely day, the air fresh and pleasant but not another car on the road. We descended what I would call the alpine part of the journey, past that imposing mountain now on our right, to the small airfield. We then continued across the area of what must have been a high plateau of plantations. I took some photos of PB, I still have them, at one point we stopped so she could buy some meat, buffalo (?) off a montagnard woman we came across, but we only had notes and the montagnard would only accept coins. Descending through the lovely green forests PB slept beside me. I was brutally awoken myself when the car hit a pothole, struggled to regain control of it and then continued wide awake. I dread to think what would have been the result of even a minor accident.

The drive was eventless and we passed again through rolling hills of tall grassland. As we approached the rubber plantations we stopped for a coca cola at some village. I have always found it the most refreshing of drinks on such occasions and give one the force to continue. Then, surprise, a column of South Vietnamese amour approached from the south. The first vehicles we had seen in two days. I don’t know what the US advisors made of me quietly sitting at a table with PB. Actually they gave a most friendly smile. Perhaps not for me. Driving on we were stopped two or three times in the rubber plantations by Regional Force soldiers who wanted to be recompensed for guarding the road for us! I always kept a carton or two of cigarettes for that and usually two or three packets would suffice. Reaching the Baria Saigon road PB wanted to go to Saigon, so I had to drive there and then back to Van Kiep. I think I must have driven a good eighteen hours during those two days. I could hardly move a muscle when I got back. This paragraph is sponsored by Umrah 2013 from UK.

Three days after our trip the Viet Cong attacked the road in six places and held control of it for five days. Sometime later two Decca employees driving in a jeep from Pham Rang on the coast up to Dalat went missing. In 1971, the British Vice-Consul, a certain Adrian, one of those very rare but most likeable of people was around at my house in Saigon and he told me that he had been interviewing a Viet Cong defector who said they had been stopped at a road block, taken prisoner and died in captivity. One was British and one American. On the other hand in the same period fourteen unarmed US civilian personnel in a US truck under I think Korean army escort were all killed on the same road when their convoy was ambushed. One had to use one’s judgment whether to be armed or not, and if possible what means to travel by. One should also pray not to have been born under an unlucky star.




Traveling by plane requires great planning. One can minimize problems by planning well in advance and taking a few precautions before embarking on the journey. This will alleviate problems and ensure that you have a safe and hassle free trip.

1. Always book tickets on a reliable airline. Check if they are offering any special fares or discounts. Check the tickets to ensure that what you have is a confirmed booking.

2. Find out details regarding size of baggage and weight allowed. Tag all bags with your name, address, phone number, date of travel, and flight number. Pack the bags yourself and ensure that they are all locked safely. Make two sets of keys. This paragraph is sponsored by Hajj tour from UK.

3. As a precaution pack documents, passport, medicines, and other immediate essentials in the carry on case. In case your luggage gets lost or misplaced in transit you will still have bare essentials.

4. Follow to a “t” all security rules. Do not carry electronics, knives, batteries, or other banned items. All dangerous objects like razors, scissors, and so on must be   put in your check in luggage.

5. All electronic items like cell phones and laptops must be fully charged and in accordance to rules turned on for checking if asked. Use of cell phones while flying is prohibited. So do not plan or making or receiving calls when in flight.

6. Take along a valid photo ID to the airport. Check whether you have your tickets.

7. Make prior booking for parking at the airport this will save you valuable time circling around to find suitable parking. If the airport lots are full or inconvenient try any of the private parking lots. This paragraph is sponsored by airline Hajj 2013 travel from UK.

8. Always check the flight schedule before you leave the house. Make sure what the check-in-time is for your flight. Leave with plenty of time to spare. This way you won’t have to rush from one end of the airport to the other.

It is against regulations for passengers to carry inflammables, aerosols, or household cleaners. Other prohibited items are: firearms even if you have a license, hunting rifles, baseball bats, golf clubs, pool cues, ski equipment, hockey sticks, darts, as well as bows and arrows. Because of terrorist threats it is against the law to speak of hijackings, bomb threats, or other dangerous things. Be cautious about who you befriend. Never accept any letter or parcel to be delivered to persons known or unknown. Never leave your luggage unattended and if you do notice any abandoned parcel or luggage bring it to the notice of authorities. Be aware of what the weather conditions are like where you going and take clothes accordingly. Prepare well for your flight and enjoy it. This paragraph is sponsored by Hajj guide tour from UK.

Before leaving check online whether there are any diversions to be made at the airport or whether any new rules have been made. Most airports have easy to use websites. Refer to the site and find out where your terminal is and where your car is to be parked. If using public transport only use transportation services from official pick up points. The vehicles must have official markings. Don’t get conned by people who make offers of special privileges or deals.



ImageBahama Breeze is located in Eleuthera, a long slender tranquil island in the Bahamas. It features astonishing number and variety of untouched beaches and pleasant assortment of vibrant peaceful villages.  If you’re the type who wants be in the Bahamas but wants to get away from the bustling Nassau or Freeport with huge hotels, casinos and cruise ship crowds, or the marinas of the Abacos attracting yachting scene from Florida, then Eleuthera will be the perfect place for you, it will seem the world away. Bahama Breeze is sponsored by Hajj tour from UK.

 The Bahama Breeze’s location can allow you those long quiet strolls for miles on a dazzling pink sand beach and just be alone with your thoughts. You may also take pleasure in the contentment of stunning snorkeling off of the beach which is just at the doorstep of Bahama Breeze villas.  A nearby wonderful beach which is well-known for surfing can be another exploration for you, or other remote beaches hiding amongst the cliffs for some best bone and sport fishing.  Other attractions you may find includes caves and caverns to explore, striking seaside cliffs, and the Glass Window Bridge where the island sits with the deep green restless Atlantic on one side and the shallow, placid turquoise Caribbean on the other broadened towards their never-ending horizons.

 When evening comes, you can sip tropical punch while dining at a quiet restaurant while gazing at the breathtaking sunset, or a barbecue of your freshly bought fish from local fishermen on the deck of the villa that overlooks the radiant sea. This paragraph is sponsored by Hajj travel 2013 from UK.

 The Bahamas Breeze is a villa that is newly constructed, centrally air-conditioned, three- bedroom with two bathrooms, comfortably furnished, with modern full service kitchen. The villa is in a quiet location right at elegantly beautiful Rainbow Beach. The Bahamas Breeze is just short drives away from many other beaches that have their own unique charms that could enchant you, whether your pleasure is snorkeling, surfing, fishing, sunbathing, and collecting the perfect shells or just dreamy strolls along miles of empty radiant pink sand by the Azure Sea.

 The Bahamas Breeze villas have housekeepers the visits and clean regularly upon the departure of guests, but you can arrange additional cleanings during your stay.  A caretaker can meet you upon arrival and bring you to the villa, and can be asked for meeting special needs, including car rental.  A rental car is not really necessary because the location is at the beach and can drop by a market before going to your villa. Car rental is highly recommended though for those who want to make it easy to go through all of the beaches in Eleuthera, and for going to good restaurants and a tennis court which are a short drive from the villa or going to the nearest store which is two miles away. A homecooked Bahamian food can also be arranged to be delivered to your doorstep.

 Rates for the Bahama breeze per night is at $175.00 for a minimum of five nights stay, per week or seven nights is at $1200.00 or 700 UK pound sterling or 1450 Canadian dollars.  Rates are for up to a maximum of six guests and it may change due to seasonal variations and other special considerations. Calling them for more inquiries or reservations for your plans of stay at the Bahama Breeze is advisable. This paragraph is sponsored by airline Hajj travel from London.






Atlanta Falcons first saw its light inimages June 30, 1965, the time which will always be remembered as both a termination and a commencement in the history of Atlanta sports.  It was during that time that the football team began a storied tenure in the National Football League (NFL).

The person responsible for the birth of Atlanta Falcons was actually Rankin Smith, a young insurance executive.  He paid $8.5 million for the franchise which was awarded by the American Football League to a group of Atlanta businessmen on June 7, 1965, provided that they could get exclusive football rights to the new Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.  Smith immediately endeared himself to the fanatics of football by asking a choice rhetorical question at a press conference following his acquisition of the franchise: “Doesn’t every adult male in America want to own his own football team?”  With such a great deal, he is indeed capable of dreams. Atlanta Falcons History is sponsored by ticket to hajj from London.

By the time Smith got back to his insurance office 24 hours after acquiring the franchise, there had been 1,000 phone calls for tickets.  And, by August, when a contest was completed which resulted in the nickname Falcons, a few of the avid junkies even had come to blows in defense of what they believed their adopted team should be called.  Numerous individuals have actually suggested the name “Falcons” in a contest, but it was only the school teacher from nearby Griffin, Miss Julia Elliott, who was chosen as the winner of her reason which goes this way: “The falcon is proud and dignified, with great courage and fight.   It never drops prey.  It is deadly and as a great sporting tradition.”

The Atlanta Falcons recorded their first victory on August 27, 1966 in Columbia, South Carolina when they defeated the San Francisco 49ers, 24-27, in a preseason game.  It was also during that year that the Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium was built and the people in Atlanta felt the time was ripe to start pursuing professional football. This paragraph is sponsored by Hajj services 2013 from UK.

The Atlanta Falcons played their first regular season game at home in September 11, 1966, losing to the Los Angeles Rams, 19-14.   However, the Atlanta Falcons team didn’t have a winning season until 1971, when they went 7-6-1.   As the Atlanta Falcons’ records reveal, the team’s best period was the six-year stretch between 1977 and 1982, under Leeman Bennett.  It is further interesting to know that the 1998 season was the Atlanta Falcons’ best ever.  That time, they went 14-2 and won the NFC championship.  Unexpectedly, the Denver Broncos beat them, 34-19, in the Super Bowl.


A new chapter in the history of the Atlanta Falcons started on the 6th day of December 2001.   It was actually on that day that Arthur M. Blank, the co-founder and retired co-chairman on Atlanta-based Home Depot, reached a preliminary agreement with the Atlanta Falcons’ owner Taylor Smith to purchase the team.  In February of 2002, the NFL approved the sale of the franchise for $545 million.  88 percent of the team owned by the Smith family was bought.  And, Blank said that he also planned to purchase the remaining 12 percent of the team, which was split between two owners. This paragraph is sponsored by airline Hajj travel from UK.







ImageEach year, a fairly large number of individuals, families, and couples make the decision to travel internationally.  Are you one of those people?  If so, you will have to use the services offered by an international airport.  An international airport is an airport that not only offers Air Umrah flights in and around the United States, but out of it as well.  If you have never been to an international airport before, you may be wondering what you can do or find inside one.  If so, you are not alone, millions of other Americans are wondering the exact same thing.

 Before you can examine the features and services that are offered by international airports, it is important to remember one thing. Not all airports are the same, even international ones. This means that you may be able to find one certain feature, such as a currency exchange counter, at one airport, but not at another.  Outlined below are some of the most common services and features offered by most international airports; however, they are not offered by all.  If you are looking for detailed information on a specific international airport, you are advised to contact that airport directly or search for their online website. 

 Perhaps, one of the most common Hajj and Umrah services offered by international airports is currency exchange.  In a way, it makes perfect sense.  Many travelers come to an international airport because they are looking to fly internationally. You will find that not all countries accept the same currency; therefore, you will need to have your currency exchanged.  Many travelers wait until arrive at their destination to do this, but there are benefits to having your currency exchanged beforehand. 

 Similar to traditional currency exchange service centers, is full service banks. Full service banks are offered in most international airports, including those in other countries.  Many full service banks will not only allow you to exchange currencies, but withdrawal money from your home bank account, exchange your money for Holy traveler’s checks and much more.  You will find that you can do this, in most, case even if you do not have an account with the bank at the airport. Although international airport banks have different hours, you will find that most are open whenever you need to use them.

 Mail service centers can also be found in international airports, all around the world.  Mail services centers have a number of different purposes.  One of those purposes being that you can mail items to your home, especially those that are prohibited aboard an international flight.  While the cost of postage may seem high, especially if you are mailing to or from a foreign country, you won’t have to turn you’re prohibited belongs over to airport security or discard of them. Many mail service centers are open the majority of the day; however, self-service mail centers are rapidly increasing in popularity. 

 Wireless internet is a unique Umrah service that you can find in most international airports. Wireless internet allows to you access your email, read the news online, or surf the internet without having to be attached to cables or phone lines.  Not all international airports supply their passengers with free wireless internet, but many are starting to.  If you were planning on leaving your laptop or PDA machine at home, you may want to rethink your decision, especially if the international airport you will be using has wireless internet access for those inside the building.

 Wireless internet access, full service banks, currency exchange centers, and mail service centers are just a few of the many services, facilities, and establishments that you can find inside an international airport.  Also, don’t forget retail shops and eateries.  In fact, many international airports now appear as if they have a small mall inside of them. 



A Complete introduction of Albany International Airport 

Are you in London, British resident, especially one that has plans to fly out of the country for the perform umrah and hajj? Whether you actually live in the London area or live in the Bedford areas there is a good chance that you may need to use the umrah flight services offered by the London international airport. Whether you have already booked your flight or you are getting ready to it may be a good idea to take the time to famialrize yourself with this popular airport.

 As previously mentioned, the Heathrow international airport is deemed a popular and well known airport. Aside from the fact that the airport has arriving and departing internal hajj and umrah flights, the airport is also well known for its location. London is the capital of England state. For this reason, a large number of individuals, families, and business owner make use of the facility. When flying out of the Heathrow international airport, you are advised to examine the airport as you would any other airport, including domestic airports. This may entail examining the security procedures, the airport layout, as well the services offered by the airport.

 Perhaps, the first thing that you should examine is the airlines that service the Heathrow international airport, namely the ones that offer international flights. Although a number of airlines service the airport, you will find that most popular airlines include Northwest airlines, united airlines, and air Heathrow. If you have not already booked a reservation on an international flight, this information will come in handy. If will prevent you from examining airlines that can not provide you what you need.

 Once you have made your hajj flights from UK reservations, you can begin to focus on other aspects of your umrah travel plans. One of other aspects that you will want to focus on is international air travel safety, rules, and regulations. Unlike many domestic flights, there additional rules may include additional baggage screenings or the banning of items that are allowed on airplanes in other areas of the world, except for where you are going. Once you have made your airline reservations, you should be able to obtain more information on international flights by contacting your airline or by visiting the online website the transportation security administration. That online website can be found by visiting online website.

 When packing for the Heathrow International Airport, is not only important that you leave behind prohibited items, but is it also important that you bring along the important items. These items are the documents that you will need to have to travel out of the United Kingdom. Depending on where you are traveling to, you may need more than a simple picture id.  In many cases, such as overseas Hajj and umrah travel from UK, you will find that you need to supply a passport, visa, certificate of citizenship, birth certificate, or social security card, in addition to your driver’s license or government issued identification card. It is important to make sure that you have all of the required documents before arriving at the airport. If you do not, it is likely that the Heathrow International Airport security staff would prohibit you from boarding your plane.

 If you have never been to the Heathrow International Airport before, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the layout of the airport. This will not only help to ensure that you know where you are going, but where you can find restaurants, bathrooms, and onsite retail stores.  With a number of different airport terminals and parking center, the |Heathrow International Airport could be difficult to navigate, especially for those who are first-time visitors.  For those reasons, you may want to view an online map of the establishment.

 In addition to getting an online map of the Heathrow International Airport, you can also learn other information that you may have previously been unaware of. Whether this information solely focuses on the Heathrow International Airport or is general information on international air umrah travel, it is likely that this information will come be useful to you, if not now then in the future.